Man Hasn’t Seen His Mom In 10 Years, Falls To His Knees When She Shows Up At His Home

Our mothers bring us into this world and nurture us while we are young. As we grow into adults, we start living our own lives which often take us away from our parents. But the bond between mother and child is so strong that neither time nor distance can break it. God’s best gift to humanity is mothers. God’s love is infused with every mother and it is with this divine love that she holds her children in her heart.

Jeffery Mayi must have been pretty happy, his wife Shannon had just given birth to their baby, Christian and his brother had just surprised him with a visit. Jeffery had not seen his brother in a while and the reunion was filled with shouts of joy and tight hugs. But Jeffery was about to get another surprise, and his happiness was set to go up a few more notches. As he went around the corner into another room of his house, there was his mom who he hadn’t seen in ten years. The joyful shock brought Jeffrey to his knees as he cried with deep emotion after seeing his beloved mom again.

Jeffrey’s mom had flown all the way from Gabon in Africa to visit her sons and her new grandchild. Jeffery’s joy at seeing his mom is a testament to the amazing mother she has been to him and his brother. The video of the reunion will leave you with happy tears and with your faith restored in the human race.

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