Man With 4 Degrees Addresses Graduating Class, Gives Advice Spoken By His 3rd-Grade Dropout Father

No matter how grand the structure, a foundation that is not built strong will definitely lead to the monument’s downfall. Jesus said something similar in his parable of the two houses, alluding to the fact that when a person is rooted strongly in the Word of God, nothing can ever bring him down. There are a lot of things that go into making a strong individual – good manners, social responsiveness, skills, talents and most importantly, education. And something greater than even that is faith.

This is beautifully illustrated by Dr. Rick Rigsby, a famous public speaker, author and, personality coach, in his speech to the graduating class at California State University Maritime Academy. Rigsby has four degrees in higher education, even though his father dropped out of school in thrid grade. However, despite himself having not received much education, Rigsby’s father made sure his son got all the education he himself could not get. This and the devout upbringing he had is what Rigsby credits his success to. For Rigsby, it is not his four degrees that constitute wisdom, but the kind of upbringing he received from his dropout father, and that sends a strong message to society and makes us rethink the very concept of education and knowledge. This 10-minute speech is full of wisdom and actionable advice that has made a deep impression on the minds of everyone who has seen or heard it. Watch the video below that is sure to hold your attention for the next 10 minutes:

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