Mama Elephant Leads Favorite Caretaker To Newborn Baby And Asks Her To Sing A Lullaby

The first time I learned about elephants was from the story Dumbo. I fell in love with their trunks and floppy ears. I couldn’t wait to see them at a local circus and even had the joy of riding one for a few seconds as a toddler. I thought I knew everything about these magnificent creatures. But what I didn’t realize was how much they love music.

There have been viral videos of elephants swaying to music holding each other’s trunks. There was even a man who allowed his elephants to play instruments. The incredible discovery is their ability to keep a steady beat, even better than humans!

Lek Chailert gets to experience this daily at her Elephant Nature Park Thailand. Faa Mai is one of her rescued elephants. She frequently spends time playing and singing with Faa.

There is another elephant in the park named Thong Ae, a baby recently rescued.

One sunny day it seemed Faa Mai wanted her caretaker’s attention. She kept nudging her and using her trunk to show her where she wanted her to go. Each time Lek walked in a different direction, the adult elephant would use her trunk to move her over.

Finally, it became clear that Lek was being led to the baby.

“Faa Mai wanted me to [sing a] lullaby her little friend, as she is so fond when I sing a lullaby to her,” said Lek.

Lek took a seat on the ground under Faa and sang sweetly to them both, creating a special moment for all to see.

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