Magician Pulls Little Girl Whose Parents Are Deployed On Stage & Performs A Trick She’ll Never Forget

Who doesn’t love a good magic show? The seemingly impossible tricks performed before our very eyes take our mind off the daily grind of life and help us to escape for a little bit. It’s an entertaining getaway for most of us. However, actual dreams coming true at a magic show does seem a bit far-fetched, but that is exactly what this magician did for this little girl from Louisiana. The magician’s name is unknown but the trick he pulled-off for young Addison Woodburn is truly amazing.

Addison’s parents are in the military and were away from their little girl while on duty. Addison carries around a little doll with her to remind her of her mother and she calls it her “Mommy Doll”. The magician asked Addison to step onto the gym floor. Next, he asked her to take a few steps back as he made his preparations for the next trick. He then throws her “mommy doll” into a collapsible set of boxes and what appeared out of them had everyone cheering. When her mother, Julia, stepped out of the boxes the look of absolute surprise on the girl’s face was just adorable. As the magician points towards his assistant, he slowly changes into Brian Woodburn, Addison’s father. Little Addison was overjoyed to see her parents return. If this sweet little story did not move you, then I don’t know what will! The members of the army sacrifice so much for our sake. They stay away from their friends and family for our safety. This story not only reminds us of the hardships faced by the military but also shows us their “Human side” that we don’t get to see often.

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