Mom Issues Warning After 2-Year-Old Gets Second-Degree Burns from Little Ceasar’s Pizza

A slice of pizza gives second-degree burns to a little girl.

One of the most devastating experience to every mother is to see her child supper in pain. As a mother every woman would want her child to live a happy and healthy life. Even a simple vaccination can alter a mother’s emotions. Now can you imagine how a second-degree burn would make her feel?

Kodi Dunn and her family were on their way home after visiting family in Lawrenceville, Georgia. They decided to stop for pizza at Little Ceasars. Little did that know that this decision wold cause immense pain to the youngest member of the family, Jordyn.

Kodi picked up Hot-N-Ready pepperoni pizza from Little Ceasars and handed it over to her eldest son 15-year-old Jeremiah. While Jeremiah tried to pass a slice to his younger brother, Jordyn gave a bone-shuddering scream that tore through the car. Everything happened within seconds. The scalding hot sauce and cheese had fallen on Jordyn’s leg while Jeremiah tried to pass it over to his younger brother.

Kodi rushed to Joydyn’s aid immediately. It only took thirty seconds but the damage was already done. The Dunn family rushed to the nearest hospital where it was declared that Jordyn had suffered second degree burns. It had already started to blister by the time they reached the hospital.

At little Ceasars, the manager said that the night was so busy that the pizzas were coming straight from the oven. The manager also told Kodi that the upper management would likely do nothing about the incident. Though Jordyn suffered a lot of pain, she survived the ordeal by God’s grace.

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