Joy Turns To Mourning When Colorado Mom Passes Away in Surgery After Giving Birth to Healthy Twins

26-year-old Sara Sewald gave birth to beautiful healthy twins last Wednesday but right after she gave birth, she went into surgery. Unfortunately, the new mother never woke up.

Dustin Sisneros, the twins’ father, told KKTV that doctors “had mentioned that she had had a little bit of bleeding, you know, and they were going to do what they could to stop it. So, you know, I wasn’t really too nervous. They said not to worry, it’s kind of normal and we have it under control.”

Dustin is now having to raise the two babies, Charlotte and Ryan, on his own.

“It was kind of overwhelming but we were really excited for our blessings,” Sisneros talked about what it was like when they heard they were having twins.

At one of Sara’s routine check-ups, her doctor told said he noticed some swelling and that she would need to have a c-section the next morning.

“We woke up that morning and we were both super excited to go into the delivery room. I gave her a big hug and kiss before she went into the delivery room. They took her in, and I went and got all of my scrubs on, and they took us into the delivery room … it was the beginning of an amazing journey,” Dustin told KKTV.

After the delivery, doctors took Sara to the ICU to give her blood and put her on oxygen. They “sedated her and prepared for her surgery to get her, you know, back to health.” said Dustin.

“It was just a complicated surgery. It’s hard to ask a lot of the details about what had happened.”

Sara’s brother, Justin Spellman, told The Gazette, that his sister had been suffering from preeclampsia. The doctors were not able to stop her bleeding after the c-section.

Since Sara’s death, Dustin has been reflecting on how he fell in love with her three years ago.

“It was almost love at first sight,” he told KKTV. “I waited just a little while to go ahead and ask her to be my girlfriend. But, from the moment we first hung out that night I knew that I really liked her and I could tell instantly that she had the biggest heart.”

Now he is trying to keep her memory alive.

“Every time I see them, I tell them their mommy loves them, and they either give me a smile so I know that she’s signifying that she’s watching and she’s in the room with us and she’s right there. It’s just so amazing. I’ll be sure her memory lives on forever,” he said.

Sara would have “been a great mom,” Dustin’s mother, Jolene Sisneros told the Gazette. “She gave her life for them, and that’s what she would’ve wanted to do.”

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