If You Can See All The Q’s Hidden In This Picture On Your First Try, You Are In The Top 1%

Pretty frequently it can be a great time to test our own skills with puzzles and see where we stack up against others. Tests and puzzles like this give us the opportunity to step out of our sometimes mundane lives and examine what we can do from a higher vantage point. Because many individuals aren’t able to figure out the solution to the problem included below, if you are able to complete it on your first try you are in the top one percent of people who have taken the quiz! Congrats!

The puzzle below is quite simple – you need to end up with the correct number of Q’s in the photo below. The Q’s are hidden within plain sight in the midst of a sea of O’s, so it is not simple to distinguish them from the others. This is not the kind of quiz you should rush since rushing will only make you more likely to make mistakes.

As you go through line after line of O’s, make a mental note about how many Q’s you end up finding. You may want to write down your answer so you don’t lose track.

Challenge yourself right now. Go through the puzzle line by line and see how many you come up with. How many did you get?

Different people will come up with many different answers. Some find just one single Q, others find five, while some outliers count as many as ten Qs among the ocean of O’s that litter the page.

Interestingly enough, the purple background makes it more difficult to read the letters. This adds complexity to the challenge. When you have a darker background and lighter text characters, your ability to distinguish goes down.

So what’s the right answer? There are six Qs among the O’s. If you counted six, congratulations! You’re among the top 1% of people who completed this quiz!

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