‘I Don’t Recognize Myself:’ Woman Stuck In Beauty Rut Tells Hairstylist To Do Whatever He Wants

Many people are out there that could benefit from fresh new start with a makeover but either don’t have the courage to change or maybe don’t want to spend the money.

For Debbie, she was approaching her 60th birthday and had decided either to go completely gray or find someone she could trust to do a makeover for her.

Debbie explained that it wasn’t necessarily about trying to look younger or being beautiful but was about being “the best version of myself”.

Thanks to a visit to this talented stylist, Debbie got it all!

She said her husband couldn’t understand why she needed a makeover but her daughter helped give her the confidence to go and do something for herself.

At the salon in Minneapolis, Debbie couldn’t believe her drastic transformation.

“He’s (her husband) not going to recognize me,” she declared after seeing the stunning result. “My family isn’t going to recognize me, I don’t recognize me.”

Now look at her wonderful transformation in the video below.

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