Husband Surprises Wife With Ultimate Birthday Gift She Never Saw Coming

Giving each other gifts is a gesture of love and understanding. When we know someone, we know about their taste, likes, and dislikes. Gifts that are tailored to a particular person can be an incredibly caring and personal gesture. Knowing someone for a while allows us to better select gifts for them, but it also makes surprising them even more difficult. A perfect gift is one that you never knew you needed until it is given to you. The story of this loving husband, Spencer, and the gift he got for his wife Michelle has gone viral on social media.

About six years ago his wife’s beloved Labrador passed away. Pets become like family members and their passing away causes a lot of grief and pain to their owners. She was really fond of her pet and was devastated to see it go. She wanted to have another pet dog, but for one reason or the other, they weren’t able to get one. Six years passed by, perhaps Michelle forgot about all about getting a new dog, but her husband didn’t. On her 40th birthday, she had no idea what was in store for her. When she walked into the kitchen, she couldn’t believe what she saw. The only words that came out of her were “Are you seriously joking?” A sweet chocolate colored lab puppy was waiting for her with a ribbon and balloon around his collar. The pup has been named Elsie and has become a loving member of the family. Thanks to her husband, Michelle will probably remember this birthday forever.

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