Husband Breaks Hospital Rules To Grant Wife’s Last Wish

Reddit user Mellifluous Username recently shared a story about sneaking his dog to the hospital to see his dying wife on the forum. And while his way of sneaking the dog into the hospital, which usually does not allow pets, allowed her to see her beloved pet for the last time, the end of this story is quite sad.

Here’s a happy story about how he snuck his dog into the hospital to see his dying wife. His wife was in the hospital after an invasive operation, according to the Reddit user. After the surgery, she suffered complications and her outlook was not good. While she was still able to communicate, she stopped eating and drinking and relied on IV pills and pain.

As she lay there dying she had one last wish of her husband.

The couple owned an Australian Shepherd named Bella. And although the dog weighed 50 pounds, his wife asked her to see her for the last time. Her husband, who did not want to deny her dying wish, began to look for a way to do it. Fortunately, she had a private room. He eventually planned to sneak her in a suitcase into the hospital. And although she was a decent handful, she fitted perfectly in a normal suitcase. So, Mellifluous put her in the suitcase and zipped it close. Upon arriving at the hospital, he explained to Bella that he would open the suitcase in a few minutes.

Thankfully for him, Bella kept quite as they snuck past the nurse’s station. When asked about the suitcase, Mellifluous_Username told them that he was bringing items to make his wife more comfortable. The hospital staff ushered him inside, unaware of what was actually in the suitcase.

Upon opening the suitcase, the dog immediately took her place across her dying owner’s lap, looking directly into her eyes. For her part, Bella refrained from barking, merely quietly moaning when his wife woke up in pain, as she started licking his wife.

Bella lay soundly in this position for about 20 minutes. Once his wife awoke, she hugged Bella for almost an hour, a smile on her face the whole time. At one point a nurse came into the room, but was so touched by the display that she promised not to tell anyone.

After his wife fell back to sleep, Mellifluous_Username quietly packed Bella back into the suitcase and left. Sadly, his wife passed away a few days later. According to Mellifluous_Username, he still doesn’t even know the truth, and every time he grabs his suitcase, Bella perks up like they are going to see his wife again.

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