Hollywood Stuntman Risks Life Saving 300 Horses from California Wildfires

California has been through so much this past month. The wildfires have flattened many towns and pushed residents out. Firefighters and servicemen have gone above and beyond to do their part in saving lives and land. The quick evacuations caused many animals to get left behind. This is where Ardeshir Radpour steps in. He has been a hero for over 300 horses in California fires.

Ardeshir is an expert with everything horses. He played Polo when he was young and works with horses as a stuntman. He adores the beautiful animals on and off the screen.

Ardeshir recalls California’s Woolsey Fire and the moment he got a call from a friend.

“Grab your truck and trailer, come and help us out,’ the man said.

Radpour jumped into action and headed out the door. Once in the field, he was on a mission to save the equines.

“I remember turning my head, looking to the horizon and I was like, that’s a massive red skyline. We need to go now. So we loaded the horses up real fast, got a load out, got a second load, and that fire was engulfing everything.”

Ardeshir wants others to understand his heart and efforts for the animals.

“The horses don’t have a voice for themselves. They live in our world. They live in our rules. So we’re obligated to them.”

“A lot of people say that people are doing heroic things. I don’t think this is heroic. And I don’t think anybody who’s doing it thinks it’s heroic. It’s just what we need to do as human beings to help each other out.”

Please pray for the protection of God’s animals.

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