Billy Graham – “Who Is Jesus?”

Test everything. Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil.

1 Thessalonians 5:21–22

Test Everything

At this time of year and particularly on this day, many people enjoy dressing up, focusing on the supernatural, and celebrating things that frighten us. Whether to participate, or to what degree, with the cultural customs and events around us often perplexes many believers. We want to be culturally engaged and relevant to all people while at the same time honoring God and obeying his commands in all that we do.

Perhaps this is why we’re told to “test everything” so that we can “hold on to the good” and “avoid every kind of evil.” When we bring our decisions before the Lord, we can trust that his Word, his Spirit, and the example of his Son will guide us. Together with the wisdom of other believers and the needs of those who don’t know Christ, we can act with confidence, whether we’re in costume or not.

Don’t condemn cultural customs as situations to be avoided at all costs. View them as opportunities to experience God’s guidance as you continue sharing his love and the good news of the gospel with everyone around you.

Pray: “Lord, give me wisdom and discernment about how best to interact with my neighbors, friends, and others in my community today.”

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