Heartwrenching Video Of Sick Little Girl Praying To Jesus Before She Is Healed

Sickness is something that is always difficult to observe, especially when it comes to little children. We just want to protect them and make it all better. For little Kinnady, her prayers and visit to Heaven gave her the confidence to know she would be healed.

Rachel and Levi Devine brought their 6-year-old daughter to the hospital after noticing something wasn’t right. Doctors said she had bacterial meningitis. This was a big concern as one could die from the infection.

Unfortunately, Kinnady had to get fluid in her spine tested before getting medication. This was physically uncomfortable for little Kinnady and scary as well. She handles it well and keeps an attitude of gratitude towards her family and hospital staff.

Kinnady dozes off for a second as she prays. She immediately wakes up and says “I’m here? She is happy to be back in the room. Her mother explains that Kinnady’s prayer was to get better and go home. Also that the little girl believes she went to Heaven and came back in those few seconds she feel asleep.

“I prayed you can go home safely with me,” she says. “It’s good to say prayers. I love God and I love Jesus…and live with Him,” she continues to share.

After more prayers, the girl declares “I’m better!”

What amazing faith!

What’s amazing is that little Kinnady was right, she was better! Only a few days after the family’s friend, Sarah Ford, posted a Facebook plea for help, she posted another update announcing Kinnady had been miraculously healed!

“It is only by the Grace of God and prayer miracles that she walked out of that hospital this weekend as if nothing had happened, perfectly fine, nothing wrong with her NOTHING! and is at school as we speak! If you don’t believe in miracles, prayer, or even God, hear Kinnady story!”

Many have been touched by Kinnady’s story after the video was shared.

Watch the emotional video below:

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