Grizzly bear belly flops right into pool – then turns around and gives camera huge smile

This big guy called Bruiser from Florida decided that he had enough of the heat. So, what did he do? Well, like most of us, he simply decided that only a dip in the pool was the only way to save himself from the sweltering heat.

So, he followed up with his decision and did exactly that. It’s one of the funniest and cutest videos you’ll ever see.

Bruiser is a Grizzly Bear who currently resides at Single Vision, which is a nature conservation center in Florida. The center cares and protects endangered species. Luckily, a member of the staff was around to capture Bruiser and his glorious belly flop.

The video was eventually uploaded to the internet and of course, didn’t take too long to go viral. Anyway, we think words aren’t enough to explain just how charming this bear is. So, we suggest you watch the video yourself.

Oh, did we tell you? Bruiser does something adorable right after he jumps in. Keep an eye out for that.

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