Photographer Found Where These 1960s Postcards Were Taken And Compares Then And Now

A photographer named Pablo Iglesias Maurer came across an old matchbook lying on his desk. There was a photo, reminiscent of a postcard from the 1960’s on it. The picture was of a popular resort complex.

The old photo of a resort complex made the photographer wonder what the place looked like now; his discovery led him to create this project.

When Maurer arrived at the location of the resort in the photo, he found a decaying building instead of a 5-star establishment. He took a picture of the location now and compared it to the postcard photo. He was stunned and inspired.

Since then, Pablo has ordered dozens more postcards from the 1960’s in order to capture the same side-by-side comparison of places now compared what they once were.

Overlapping the before and after photos, you’ll be stunned when you see the drastic difference in these once popular locations.

“The postcards, have their own haze—the places were never as nice as they look. I often struggle to get the two images to line up, as well. But time blurs the difference, and brings everything into focus.”

1. Here is the original matchbook artwork piece that inspired the entire project. It has since become a wasteland.

2. This indoor pool opened in 1958, it’s opening was attended by Elizabeth Taylor. It’s located in the Catskills but has now turned into a graffitied skate park.

3. Once a four-lane Brunswick bowling alley, it was in business until the mid-2000’s.

4. Even though it’s in shambles, the 1,200-capacity theater still has a massive presence.

5. A popular spot to sunbathe and swim is now a distant memory.

6. There used to be a heated tile floor at this popular pool. It was also air conditioned.

7. This was once a very modern structure for its time.

8. They claimed to be the only resort with three swimming facilities: an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, and a lake.

9. This cocktail lounge looks a bit different these days.

10. Not quite the beach resort feel as it once was.

11. The outside world has started to make its way into the dining hall of this Poconos resort.

12. An abandoned theater was last used in the 90’s.

13. This famed architect started the “Miami modern” hotel design.

14. What was once a sleek, beautiful room is now dilapidated and run down.

15. Nature always finds a way to take over.

16. A lane attendant once handed out shoe rentals for bowling alley patrons.

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