Grandpa Requests Bedside Worship Service For His Last Day Alive

Life is a precious gift. God has given each of us different reasons to celebrate our life on this earth. He has blessed us abundantly and although we might not always see it, it is there, right in front of us. Throughout our life, we never really give much thought to what we would do if it were the last day of our life on Earth. We take our life for granted and put away important things, like finding time to be with our loved ones. Here is what a 97-year-old man did when he found out that it was his last day on Earth.

This sweet old man was at the hospital with his children and grandchildren. Just before he died, the man wanted a bedside worship service. His granddaughter captured on video as the 97-year-old sang How Great Thou Art. The very next day, he passed away peacefully. His granddaughter posted the video on Facebook. She described herself as being blessed with being able to capture this beautiful and moving moment in which her grandfather sang his praises and expressed his love for the Almighty One. The video was viewed several times and each viewer was moved to tears with the content of the video. The 97-year-old lived a full and happy life. He was thankful for all the countless blessings he had received in his lifetime. He celebrated and gave thanks one last time before he left this world. This is something that all of us should do every single day in our lives.

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