Grandma keeps ‘falling out of wheelchair’ so daughter installs camera to see if nurses are telling the truth

Grandma Keeps Falling Out of Wheelchair

One family in Garland, Texas, curious about the bruises and busted lip that kept showing up on their 98-year-old grandmother in the last few years of her life as a resident in Winters Park Nursing Home went to extra links to find out what happened to their loved one.

The nursing home said Minnie Graham kept falling out of her wheelchair, but the family did not believe them. Minnie told her family the workers were mean to her, but They brought a new clock equipped with a hidden camera to her room and each day watched and waited.

What they saw still horrifies them today.

Two hospice care employees, nurses’ aides, were overtly abusing Minnie. In the video captured by the hidden camera, two workers were caught slapping, pinching, and forcibly tugging Minnie while she screamed for help.

No help ever came.

The family took the recordings to the police, and Felony charges were filed. One worker was arrested, but another is still at large. Police claim they have not been able to find her, though a local news crew found her with ease.

Charges are pending in this case.

Over 3 million Americans live in nursing homes, and one in three homes is cited with fines for abuse. With advancements in healthcare, Americans are getting older and more families are turning to assisted living facilities and nursing homes to help care for their aging loved ones.

We pray when the time comes for our loved ones; they get the care and compassion they deserve.

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