Family Of 28-Yr-Old With Terminal Cancer Shares Her Heartbreaking Final Days

God is in control and we need to trust in his plans. Even though we face pain and hardships in this life, we can find hope in the fact God has a reason for it all. Cancer is terrible not only for the person who is diagnosed but also for their entire family. And, it’s even more devastating when a young person gets a cancer diagnosis.

Amy Redhead was a strong-willed 28-year-old woman who was taken from us far too soon. She was so brave and determined, even throughout the most difficult time of her life. Amy, who was from the West Midlands, UK, began to experience some severe abdominal pains when she was in her 20s. But, because of her young age, doctors would continually misdiagnose her symptoms. Amy had suffered from colitis since she was just 11 years old. This condition causes the intestinal lining to become inflamed, and doctors just assumed it was the cause of her more recent pain as well.

However, one day Amy discovered a lump in her abdomen. The lump, coupled with the fact that she had been losing weight, alarmed doctors enough to have her sent for tests. The test results came back and doctors broke the devastating news to her family: Amy had bowel cancer. “We were all devastated when we were told it was bowel cancer and that it was incurable,” Amy’s younger sister, Emily, said.

And, sadly, her cancer had already spread to 70 percent of her liver by the time it was diagnosed and was deemed terminal. Amy was offered chemotherapy to extend her life, but she decided to refuse treatment. “She said she’d rather have less time and feel healthier in herself so that’s what she chose to do,” Emily said. At first, doctors told Amy that she had about six months to live. However, her condition worsened quickly and, in an effort to create awareness for colon cancer, Amy began to share her journey through social media.

Amy shared an emotional video in which she talks about her diagnosis. Her story continues and it shows the brave young woman trying her best to live out her final days being happy. “We are so proud of the fight she’s put up for the last few months, she has been so brave but she has said she’s ready to die now and no longer be in pain,” Emily said. Now, Emily wants to send a clear message to everyone who’s followed her sister’s journey: To those suffering from colitis, if unusual pain persists, get it checked out. The condition can lead to a higher chance of developing colon cancer.

Learn more about Amy’s cancer batter in the video below:


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