Couple Who Hired Surrogate To Have Their Baby Change Their Mind After Seeing Him for The First Time

After surrogacy mix-up, the couple no longer wants the baby. Are they in the wrong?

Not everyone is blessed to be a parent. While some are immensely blessed, others have to seek help. Recently, people around the world are turning towards surrogacy. Couples who are unable to bear kids, single parents, gay couples and alike are depending on surrogacy to be a parent, and the surrogate market is exploding. Of all the surrogacy stories, one story has emerged and created an uproar on the internet.

A surrogacy story posted on Reddit by an anonymous poster created an uproar. The poster and his wife were unable to conceive as the wife had PCOD. They had had several miscarriages over the years and were desperate to become parents. As the couple wanted to have their own child, they sought help from a surrogacy agency and paid a huge sum of money.

They were lucky and found a nice lady who took care of herself and also got along with the couple. Everything went smoothly throughout the surrogate’s pregnancy until the day she gave birth. The couple was excited to be parents but felt a shock when they saw the baby — the anonymous poster posted on Reddit that he was not the father.

The couple was white with blond hair and blue eyes while the baby was Asian with black hair and brown eyes. The surrogacy agency had made a mix up during the conception process, and the couple rejected the baby.

“We don’t care about race, we are just upset that the baby wasn’t both of us, if he was white and not mine we still would of been just as upset,” he shared. “The surrogate was really heartbroken as well after we revealed what happened but can’t afford to keep it as she already has five kids.”

This has created an uproar on Reddit with people picking sides. What is your opinion?

The baby was put up for adoption. Hopefully, very soon, a loving parent will adopt him.

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