Electrician Fixes Struggling Couple’s Heat For Free So They Trick Him Into Returning

When their heat went out in the middle of a harsh winter, Stacy and Josh Lemonds were out of luck. The struggling couple therefore prayed to God for help and a kind-hearted electrician fixed the heat free of charge.

But that’s not where this story of kindness ends in real life! Anyone who has ever had trouble meeting ends knows that things are going wrong all the time. When their heat went out, Stacy and Josh Lemonds from Oklahoma City were both out of work. With fresh weather and no repair money, it was a tough place to be in. The Christian couple therefore leaned on their faith.

“We started praying,” Stacy stated.

The couple asked that their church marriage group join them in praying. And that’s when Joshua Matthews got in touch.

Joshua is an electrician who lives approximately 10 minutes from Stacy and Josh. When his wife became ill, he originally met the couple when they appeared on his door with some meals. Joshua really has the heart of a servant. He previously served as a soldier in his country and completed two tours with the 45th Infantry Division in Afghanistan. But he also serves every opportunity he can for his friends, church and community. When he heard about the problem of Stacy and Josh, he reached out and offered to look at their heater.

Unfortunately, the heating problem was part of a larger electrical problem.

Stacy’s and Josh’s home was built in 1945. And the old electrical wiring presented all kinds of problems.

The electric company looked at the couple’s meter and determined the original wiring presented a serious fire hazard. So, they cut the couple’s electricity until the problem could be fixed.

The trouble was, Stacy and Josh didn’t have the money to cover the repairs. But God already had a plan in play!

Some members from the church put Stacy and Josh up in a hotel. Meanwhile, kind-hearted electrician Joshua Matthews spent days working on their home until the wiring was fixed. And he did it all free of charge!

“He’s just an amazing friend and a servant of God, he’s really a servant,” Stacy said.

Because of Joshua’s graciousnes, Stacy and Josh were able to return home. So, the couple got together with a local TV news station and tricked Joshua into coming back to their house. But this time, they had a surprise for him!

Joshua thought he was going back to the Lemonds’ house for a reinspection. But really, Stacy and Josh wanted to present him with a $400 Pay It 4Ward award!

Through tears, Stacy presented Joshua with the gift, telling him just how grateful they were for his kindness.

And seeing Joshua’s humble reaction to the surprise is touching. You can tell he helped out with no hope or expectation for getting anything in return. We definitely need more people like him!

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