Dog Jumps Up On Piano Stool And Starts To Play, Mom Burts Out Laughing At Her Priceless Performance

I love watching talent shows and discovering new musical prodigies or finding the next big superstar performer. Watching shows like America’s Got Talent has made it where no act really surprises me anymore. Until this one.

I would like to introduce you to the next musical animal prodigy… Sadie, the piano playing dog!

Sadie, a 6-year-old German Shepherd/Border Collie, has real star quality. Adopted from an animal shelter back in 2009, she’s become a much-loved member of her family.

Sadie loves to try new things and never shys away from the spotlight. Just recently, she’s been trying her best to learn to play the piano.

In the video, we can hear Sadie’s human mom ask her to go to the piano. We then see Sadie climb up on the piano stool, she then turns it on and begins to press the keys with her paws.

We then hear Sadie’s mom ask if she had made a mistake by hitting a wrong note. Adorably, Sadie reacts by putting her paw over her face.

Sadie is adorable and has a great sense of humor. At the end of her performance, we even see Sadie take a bow as if she was at a piano recital.

Don’t forget to watch Sadie the piano playing dog in the video below. Also, at Jesus Daily, we love hearing from you. So please let us know what you thought of this article in the comment section.

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