Divorcée Share 20 Things She Claims Will Kill Your Marriage

We’ve been blessed with wisdom and good traits such as compassion, love, and togetherness by our good Lord. It is left to us to choose to make the most of our personality to lead a happy life in which we also are good towards others. Surprisingly, it is the people to whom we are the closest that we cause the most pain too. If you are struggling with your marriage and are not sure what the reason for it may be, or are worried about an impending divorce and want to avoid it at all costs, then you should know about these 20 things which usually lead to a divorce. These have been shared on Facebook by Gerald who suffered the heartbreak of divorce after being married for 16 years.

1. Never take your spouse for granted. Do not stop going on dates with your spouse and keep things in a relationship lively and interesting. Never stop courting your loved one.
2. Love yourself fully to ensure your heart is safe at all times.
3. Don’t hesitate to fall in love with the same person over and over again. If there’s a new reason for you too, just do!
4. Try and see the positives, the good things in your partner as much as possible. Try and avoid dwelling on his/her negatives for so long that you overlook their positives in the process.
5. Don’t make it your job to try and fix or change him/her.

6. Always hold yourself fully accountable for your own emotions.
7. Do not unnecessarily blame your spouse or partner for the things that go wrong in your life.
8. Let your partner just be; it’s not necessary for them to always be doing or feeling something.
9. Stay with him or her when they are upset instead of leaving them feeling lonely or helpless.
10. Don’t be too serious in life; try and be silly occasionally!

11. Along with your time, give your attention to him/her and be present.
12. Learn from mistakes, and not be afraid to make mistakes.
13. Give your partner the space that they need from time to time.
14. It’s okay to be vulnerable sometimes. You may cause yourself and your relationship a lot of harm if you always try to have it all together. When you let yourself be vulnerable, you tend to share your feelings and thoughts with your partner. Having such exchanges will only make your relationship stronger.
15. Trust in your partner and ensure you remain trustworthy too. Transparency in any relationship is vital.

16. Don’t stop growing individually and together. Having common dreams, goals, and activities help.
17. Don’t give too much importance to money; give it only that much respect and effort as it requires.
18. Fill your partner’s soul every day by making him/her feel cherished.
19. Try and forgive immediately and focus on what can be done in the future rather than dragging the past into the present and future.
20. Finally, always give preference to love and relationships.

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