Dad ‘stunned’ when Boy Scouts demote his son because he has Down syndrome

Chad Blythe’s son, Logan, of Payton, Utah, was all ready to become an Eagle Scout (attaining the highest Boy Scout rank possible) To become an Eagle Scout, you must have acquired 21 badges, also you must complete a volunteer, community service project.

Whatever the scout decides to do for his community service project, it must first be approved by the council.

15-year-old Logan has Downes Syndrome. He chose a project involving making kits for parents with newborns diagnosed with disabilities. Logan’s dad helped him plan out the project. Logan was very pleased when the local council and the department of state parks endorsed his project.

There were pictures taken with the council to show how happy everyone was. Logan was on his way to obtaining the coveted Eagle Scout title he wanted so much.

The council that had just approved the project sent an email to them to let Chad and Logan know that Logan’s project was being suspended just 24 hours later.

The council also added that it regretted that they approved the project in the first place.

It seems that the local leaders had given Logan some special dispensations for his disabilities, but the National Boy Scout Council did not go along with the choice of the local council to qualify Logan to become an Eagle Scout. Then they disqualified him of the chance to be an Eagle Scout and demoted him to a Cub Scout.

Logan is confused and very despondent. Besides being sad for not qualifying for the classification, the demotion made him even sadder. He refuses to touch his Boy Scout uniform, or even look at it.

Logan’s father believes this is all due to Logan having Downes Syndrome.

Chad Blythe, Logan’s father, has filed a lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America, claiming that disabled children should have the chance to progress in the Scout rankings despite their disabilities.

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