Pregnant Wife Is Set To Deliver This Next Day, She Wakes To Hear Husband Gasping For Air

Ashley Goette and her husband were just one day away from delivering their brand new baby. They crawled into bed to be rested for the next days adventure. Little did they know it would medically involve both of them.

Ashley heard a noise as she slept and realized it was her husband Andrew. He seemed to not be able to breathe. In a panic she grabbed her phone and dialed for help.

“I think my husband can’t breathe,” she said to the 911 employee. “He was just making these sounds. I think I need to give him CPR.”

The person on the phone gave Ashley instructions on giving her husband CPR to keep him alive until help showed up.

“I’m pregnant! I can’t do this.” Ashley cried.

She followed the guidance while on the call and then emergency assistance arrived. The medical team tried to limit damage for Andrew and was they put him into a medical state of rest.

“I didn’t want to have to think for one second about having to do any of this without him. I kept telling him the whole time he was asleep, or in his coma, that I was not going to have this baby until he woke up.”

Andrew woke up the next day after what doctors believed started from a syndrome causing his heart to be fast. He had a surgery to fix the problem and was healthy as can be again.

A team member on Andrew’s medical staff said, “I don’t think Andrew would be here today if it weren’t for the actions of Ashley.”

Ashley was ready to go into labor now that her husband was by her side. The blessed family gave birth to a little boy.

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