Flight Attendant Becomes Co-Worker’s ‘Angel’ by Saving His Life with Kidney

It isn’t every day that we hear about acts of selflessness. They are rare in this world of chaos and crime. But when God is in someone, that light shines through. And that’s exactly happened in this case.

Waiting for an organ when the ones we have malfunction is a terrible business. There are very few donors and the whole process is just painstaking. Jair Ripoll is very familiar with this process. He’s a flight attendant who was diagnosed with kidney disease. The disease hit him out of the blue and he was thoroughly perplexed.

He would have had to wait for years on the donor list if he hadn’t taken his friends’ advice to turn to social media for help.

“I was flying with a couple of friends and they learned about my condition at that time, and they encouraged me to post on Facebook and see if I could get a donor,” said Jair on Good Morning America.

His very first reply came from a fellow flight attendant and friend, Steven Lepine. Lepine thought that he was raised to help where help was needed. He didn’t originally think that he would be a match but he didn’t give up hope.

Lepine ended up being a perfect match and he was very happy that he could bring some sunshine into Jair’s life. The selflessness of Lepine saved his co-worker’s life. The procedure was done on the 6th of December 2017. Both men are now healthy and back at work. Their friendship has only grown stronger.

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