Mom Begs for Prayers After Freak Golf Cart Accident Has 7-Year-Old Fighting for Her Life

7-year-old Eva Love Sherbondy endured a serious head injury in a freak golf cart accident. Now her dedicated mother, Lindsay, is rallying all the prayer warriors she can contact to ask for a miracle. Why? Because this inspirational family understands that God can do the impossible!

Lindsay and Dugan Sherbondy are living the worst nightmare of every parent. A day of fun turned tragic when their 7-year-old girl, Eva Love, was in a golf cart accident.

For reasons that remain unknown, little Eva just leaned off the golf cart and fell when riding with her friends.

“No answer as to why. No hills, bumps, crazy driving, nothing,” Lindsay confessed on social media.

Although it was a very short drop, Eva Love suffered from a serious brain injury. And since then, her devastated relatives have got nothing but scary news from the physicians.

Her relatives have posted wellness updates regarding Eva Love on their personal social media accounts. It’s also where they’ve been begging friends, family, and even strangers to come together and raise up their little girl in prayer.

“I am more scared than I have ever been,” Lindsay Sherbondy wrote on Instagram, “but I know I worship a God who is in the business of miracles, who hears us, who is the Ultimate Physician, and that is what we will cling to!!!!”

Through conversations with the doctors, the family decided to take Eva Love off the medications that have been keeping her sedated. This decision really implies that the family is putting her rehabilitation in the hands of the Lord.

“The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.” ~ Exodus 14:14

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