Have You Ever Seen The Inside Of A Wasp Nest? This Dad Cuts One Open For All To See

God’s creations are truly exquisite and often leave you amazed at the sheer diversity of life forms on earth!

A guy named Dan and his son Lincoln have their own YouTube Channel called What’s Inside where they cut open things to look at their contents as part of scientific research. In a recent episode, the father-son duo is seen ripping apart a wasp nest and taking a sneak peek inside. The video clip opens up with Dan, Lincoln and Lincoln’s friend Kai unboxing a large wasp nest that they had earlier ordered at eBay. Having the size of a large basketball, the wasp nest had traveled a long distance all the way from Wisconsin and looked terribly freaky, to say the least.

A visibly flustered Dan was a bit wary of opening the wasp nest and witnessing what was inside it. However, willing to take his chances, Dan went ahead with his knife and began sawing the nest in half, while the two young boys looked over eagerly.

Once the wasp nest was adequately ripped apart, the boys nearly screamed in awe of what they saw inside it. While the boys examine one half of the wasp nest, Dan comes onto the camera holding the other half and showing it on screen for the benefit of the viewers.

To lighten up the atmosphere a little, Dan makes a joke of how he had found a big wasp inside and waved it away towards the two boys, freaking them out! Watch it all happen in the video below:

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