Couple had no idea they were living in former meth lab until unborn baby tests positive for meth

Blood test of a woman who had never touched drugs reveals positive traces of meth in unborn baby.

Like everyone else, Tyler and Elisha Hessel had everything planned for the future. They wanted to live in their dream home and raise a family there. They bought their dream home in Missouri and had been living there for three years happily. Elisha even became pregnant and was happy that everything was going as planned.

It was during a routine blood test that a nurse found traces of amphetamines in Elisha’s blood. The Hessels were shocked and everything changed dramatically afterwards. The couple swore they had never taken drugs or even gone near them. Then why did it show up in her blood?

Elisha got a few hints after talking to a few neighbors and she bought a test over the internet. Her house tested positive with unsafe levels of meth. The Hessels discovered that their home was once a meth lab and they were not informed of it during the purchase. According to the Missouri state law, the seller is required to disclose the home’s past drug history to the buyer. The Hessels even found their address on a list of meth lab seizures.

It came as a shock to Jefferson County undersheriff Timothy Whitney that traces of meth could be found even after six years of past the met lab was found and closed. Unfortunately, the Hessels have a lot to face in the future like the cost to clean up their home, their unborn baby’s health and the involvement of Department of Social Services. Though the Hessels have a lot of face, it was God who made them realise the possible future threat to their life, had they been exposed more to the contamination.

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