When Parents Die, 4 Orphans Must Spend Night In State Custody—But Trooper Drives Off With Them

It always amazes me just how much our authorities to for us on a daily basis. Not only do they protect, guide and serve, but Trooper Bradley comforts with fries and milkshakes.

It was Halloween and siblings Trayvion, 6; Daimean, 8; Amiah, 10; and Justin, 13 were dressed up in costumes. Their parents Donald and Crystal stepped out to grab face paint and candy. Unfortunately, they were in a car accident that killed them both.

A grandmother was notified and on her way but wouldn’t be able to get to the location for several hours. Bradley decided to get the kids and keep them occupied until she could make it.

The kids were in their costumes when he showed up. He decided not to share the sad information about their parents. He also didn’t want them to sit at the station for several hours. Bradley did his best to give the kids joy in their last day before their lives changed forever. He did this by showing them around the station, getting fries, milkshakes and enjoying films.

“As we made our way to the post, the boys celebrated me ‘being the best cop ever,’ Nathan said. “They didn’t know I was bearing terrible news, so I struggled to accept the praise.”

The children had a fun evening and were told what happened the next day.

All four kids are being raised by their grandmother.

In addition to the night of fun for the children, Bradley started a crowdfunding campaign to help with future expenses. It has reached about half a million dollars.

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