Cop Has Mercy On Homeless Man & The Result Changes His Life Forever

God sure works in amazing ways to make sure we all have exactly what we need! When Mick Myers was 2 years old, he needed surgery. However, his biological mom, Polly, was already having a hard time raising three kids on her own as a teen mom who had left her husband. Polly knew that didn’t have the resources to give Myers the kind of care he needed after he became sick and in need of surgery. Luckily, Polly’s mother had a friend who was able to care for Myers in the ways that she sadly knew she could not.

Not much time passed before the friend adopted Myers. The connection that Myers shared with his adoptive mother was the only meaningful and loving relationship he said he could remember in his 67 years of living… that is until recently. For the past 30 years, Myers has been homeless. The man didn’t have a single close friend, family member, partner, or child… there was not one meaningful person in his life.

Deputy Jacob Swalwell, who is with the Crime Prevention Unit of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, would frequently warn Myers about panhandling. So when Swalwell came across Myers yet again on a local street corner asking for money back on Nov. 2, 2017, he was ready to finally write him up a citation. But when the officer approached him, Myers explained that he didn’t have an identification card. However,  Swalwell could tell that this homeless man wasn’t lying to him, but instead of getting angry, the deputy decided to ask Myers a question that would change his life forever. “I asked him what’s it going to take to get you off the street because at that point I realized me writing him a citation, it’s not going to help him at all. When I got closer, I realized he was a senior citizen,” Swalwell said.

Then, after three trips to the DMV and a lot of work, Swalwell made sure that Myers got his own California Senior Citizen ID card. The life-changing intervention of people who used their resources and expertise to help Myers continued as private investigator Mark Askins stepped in. Myers hadn’t seen his birth mom, Polly, in 65 years, but Askins was able to located Polly. The lonely homeless who was once without an I.D. or family now had both! And, luckily, 85-year-old Polly welcomed her son to her home with open arms. In fact, she even offered to let him live with her and the rest of the family. Myers didn’t feel ready to move 250 miles away just yet but has promised to visit often. Learn more about this heartwarming story by watching the video below:


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