Cab Driver Wouldn’t Drive Elderly Woman To Walmart And Saves Her From Losing $2000 In Scam

Richard Spenser, a Yellow Cab Driver, is being lauded as a hero after stopping a grandmother from a scam.

An 87-year-old woman from Quincy, Massachusetts already lost $4,000 to the scammers earlier in the day, but it was a second call that sent her on a taxi trip to Wal-Mart to buy gift cards to send to the scammers.

Now, at this point many of us are shaking our heads and saying, of course, this is a scam, but thieves are smart. They scour social media and target grandparents with plausible stories of car wrecks, drunken brawls, or other trouble their grandchild may likely get in and then ask for the grandparents to send money or gift cards to “pay to fix it.”

This scam is difficult to stop because most thieves operate outside of the US and because of the embarrassment experienced by the victims, the crime often goes unreported.

When the elderly woman got into Spenser’s cab, she shared the story of her “grandson’s” car accident, and to save him from going to jail she was sending gift cards to pay for his bail.

“I don’t think so lady,” Spenser said. “I think you’re getting scammed…We are not going to Wal-Mart; I’m calling the Quincy Police.”

The police confirmed Spenser’s suspicion, and together they saved the woman $2,000.

In a shout out to Spenser’s kind intervention, the Quincy Police Department shared the story on their Facebook page.

“Thank you, Mr. Spencer, for caring. You could have chosen to remain silent and ignore the signs. But you didn’t. And for that, we say THANK YOU” the police department wrote.

While helping the woman Spenser was ticketed by a meter maid, but under the circumstances, the Quincy PD waived the fee for him. Here is proof good begets more good.

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