The Best Age-Appropriate Chores To Teach Your Children

God’s word tells us that hard work is important, and that we have many blessings to gain from working hard with faith. We grow up to be hardworking and earnest people when we have been raised to be so. So, it is very important that the ethics of doing work and being useful is inculcated during our formative years. This is why children are encouraged to do chores at home. Children learn invaluable lessons from doing small household chores, like how to care for themselves as well as those around them. They acquire skills that will carry into adulthood and beyond – cleanliness and hygiene, meal preparation, organization, etc. It also helps them develop interpersonal skills such as effective communication, cooperation, negotiation, and teamwork. By doing chores, they learn about responsibility, contributing to the family life, and being useful and helpful. Moreover, sharing housework among all family members builds a sense of unity and helps families work together and reduce any stress within the family. The household responsibilities given to children will depend on their age. So, here’s a handy guide that shows what chores kids can do based on their age.

It is important to pick age-appropriate chores for kids that will steadily build up their skills and make them independent and responsible individuals. Based on the Montessori education system, Happy Healthy Mama developed a chart that clearly breaks down what chores are most suitable for each age. The chart is based on averages, so you don’t necessarily have to adhere to the age guidelines too strictly. You know your child best, so if you feel that your 7-year old is quite capable of something in the 8-9 years bracket, go ahead and give him or her the responsibility.

2-3 years – Kids at this age just need something small to do that will make them feel like an important part of the family. Helping in little things makes them happy. So, give them chores like helping setting small things on the table, fill the water glasses, clean small areas or just change the dish towels.

4-5 years – Kids at this age are more developed at motor skills than the younger ones, so chores can be given accordingly, like sorting folding dish towels, sorting clean dishes, helping put away groceries, and helping unload the dishwasher.

6-7 years – With more physical capability, kids at this age can help clear the table, help dust or mop small sections of the floors, empty the dishwasher and even help a little bit in food preparation.

8-9 years – At this age, kids are grown enough to help load the dishwasher, hand wash larger dishes and even empty the trash.

10-11 years – They can help in planning a meal and also preparing simple meals as they are physically dexterous enough to use different tools and instruments.

12 years and above – Kids of this age are quite capable of bigger duties like mopping or vacuuming entire rooms and also preparing complete family meals.

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