Her Phone And $300 Disappeared At Store, Cashier’s Response Stuns Everyone

It has happened to the best of us. You are buzzing around in the middle of a busy day and you reach for your wallet or purse, only to realize that it’s not there. Just the idea that your identity and your money is lost and vulnerable is enough to turn your stomach in knots. That is what Sheila felt when she realized the small wristlet containing her iPhone, nearly $300 in cash, and other personal cards was missing.

In a panic, Sheila retraced her steps to the Piggly Wiggly where she had stopped on the way home from work to pick up a few things. She remembered having the wristlet on when loading groceries into her car. When she realized it was missing it was already 9:30 p.m. and she had returned home. She called the store right away, hoping that it had been found while also dreading the worst case scenario.

A wave of relief washed over Sheila as the Piggly Wiggly staff informed her that her wristlet had been found and they had it at the store’s lost and found. She immediately got in her car and drove straight to the store. When Sheila returned to the store she was delighted to find that not only did they have her wrist wallet, but it still had all of her cash, cards, and iPhone inside of it. She was amazed and relieved. “What is even more astonishing is, I had all my money in the wristlet and my iPhone,” she said. Sheila was grateful for a happy ending to her stressful debacle, and she asked the store manager who had turned in the wallet. The manager pointed to a teenage employee named Antoine Starr.

Antoine who regularly attends Central Park Christian said he simply wanted to put his Christian learnings into practice. To show her appreciation, Sheila wanted to go out of her way to make sure that the young man’s good deed was recognized and rewarded.

“I went to bless Antoine today with $100, and I also called his mom Joyce to tell her what a great job she was doing with her son. His mom cried tears of joy. We hear very little about kids when they do something positive; it’s always lots of talk about the bad things that happen.” Sheila went on to share the news with her local news station, ABC 33/40, who promptly followed up to report this good news. In an interview, a humble Antoine said he simply thought that returning the item to the lost and found was the right thing to do. “I just picked it up and returned it to one of my supervisors. I thought about how I would feel if it was my stuff and was stolen from me. I would be devastated. So I thought about her, and I returned it.” We too often hear negative news about youth and teenagers. We hope you enjoy this positive news story about the integrity of a responsible young man. Have you had a similar scenario? Share your good news stories in the comments.

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