Aunt hides her face when nephew crawl’s into stranger’s arms but woman’s reaction is so heartwarming

Recently at a high school football, while people were cheering on their favorite teams, a young boy and woman created a lifetime bond. On the bleachers, a young child named Isaiah was starting to get restless at the game. He was uninterested in the ongoing of the game and didn’t share the same enthusiasm as his aunt. Therefore, little Isaiah decided to roam the bleachers since he was with his aunt and possibly had a bit of free range. Isaiah has always been a young boy that took others opinions but was not afraid of how others perceived him according to his family. His thought of others caused him to crawl into the arms of a complete stranger at the game and fall asleep at their recent encounter. He was unbelievably comfortable with his new friend. The moment has captured the hearts of millions around the world because it shows that children do not see color. They see the warmth and into the soul. At first, his aunt was perplexed and upset that her nephew did this, but she did not want to embarrass him. She then saw how the stranger did not mind the new attention from young Isaiah. Since this incredible moment, Isaiah’s aunt Star had shown their moment on Facebook cause a viral heartwarming post.

The photo shows Isaiah sitting in a woman’s lap with his arms around her and her arms around him. She was not bothered at all and they both looked in peace as she swayed her legs comforting the child and watching the game. The aunt mentioned that she did not know who this lady was, but she wanted to let her know that she was an incredible woman. Since Isaiah has found this woman and walked up to her at the last home game that took place nearly two weeks ago. Isaiah sat in her lap while they conversed for a few minutes and acted like old friends. The encounter took less than 20 minutes. This was their very first meeting, not the viral picture shared via social media. The woman did leave during halftime to rejoin with her little girl. Another time came where Isaiah would see the woman again and indeed he found her sitting in the same spot. She gave an excited wave to Isaiah and he rushed over to her. This time Star was not upset about the encounter and instead expressed a warm smile.

Their time this go around was much different. Isaiah went to his new friend smiling and settled in her lap as he laid his head on her shoulder. She was more than welcoming of him. She patted his back and rocked him as he fell off to sleep. Her motherly instincts shined through with how she held him without hesitation. It was beautiful. His aunt asked the woman if she wanted them to take him off her hands and she continued to say that she was fine. Isaiah had never met this woman before his first game 2 weeks ago. Star let the woman know how sorry she was, and she had no idea as to why he continued to bother her. The woman was unbothered and said that he was no bother at all and for Star to never think that he was bothering her. The woman said that Isaiah was her new friend. She let Star know that she has a 15, and precious moments like the one she was sharing with Isaiah was forever priceless! There has been racial tension in the media lately and it is beyond comforting to see photos like the one Star share. It shows that color does not matter to many people.

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