Ancient Pottery Workshop Found Near Site Where Jesus Turned Water To Wine

God gave Jesus his blessings and powers so that he had the necessary skills to lead us. We must be grateful to God for giving us the opportunity to mingle with his son, who was our teacher, mentor, and savior. Israeli archaeologists have discovered a workshop that is 2,000 years old. The shop is thought to have been used to make stone vessels similar to the one that Jesus used to perform one of his most popular miracles, turning water into wine. The location of the site is close to Galilee village, Reineh, North Israel. The archeologists uncovered the workshop at a site where people witnessed Jesus’s miracle. According to Yonatan Adler, the excavation director, they found the quarry and workshop by chance while constructing a road for a nearby sports center.

After the discovery, a team of archaeologists has been studying the place and all the chalkstone bowls and mugs they found nearby. Adler said, “According to ancient Jewish ritual law, vessels made of pottery are easily made impure and must be broken. Stone, on the other hand, was thought to be a material which can never become ritually impure.” Adler added, “What’s exciting here is that for the first time we have physical evidence of production of stone vessels here in Galilee. There has always been a question amongst scholars regarding the nature of Judaism in Galilee. The question is, who are these people that are living in Galilee?”

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