Couple Sees Jesus In Ultrasound Picture

I can only imagine the excitement involved with having a new baby. In addition to the nursery, baby showers, doctors appointments and more, there is always the prayers for a healthy and happy baby. Parents Zac and Alicia were expecting their third child and felt one step closer to this comfort after seeing their baby’s ultrasound.

Mom and dad experienced difficulties with their other two children. Both were born with complications and birth defects. At their appointment for their new daughter, they were thrilled to see a healthy sonogram. In addition to the positive medical report, they also saw something else that gave them great peace.

The two saw what they believed was an image of Jesus looking after their daughter. The parents are not typically into religion, but the image caused them to explore their beliefs and start attending church.

The image was posted on social media and drew a lot of attention. Many others could also see Jesus while some saw absolutely nothing. The parents know in their hearts this was a sign.

Since the original post was shared online, Alicia gave birth to their little girl. She is in perfect health and the family considers this experience to be proof of God.

It’s never too late to let Jesus be a part of one’s life. Congratulations to the family and may they continue to grow in their faith and relationship with the Lord.

Let’s pray for those who have yet to know Jesus.

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