Amateur Footage Shows Statue Of Jesus Christ Opening It’s Eyes. Is It A Trick On The Eyes?

As Jesus Christ is the son of God, he gave him countless blessings and gifts to help the people on this planet. Jesus Christ walked among us, to save us from the countless sins that humanity committed. Jesus also reminded us to stay true to our beliefs, as they bring us closer to God. We must thank God for giving us the opportunity to learn from Jesus. Jesus was able to turn water into wine, heal, and provide food to large amounts of people. Not only that, but Jesus also possessed the ability to walk on water, which was one of the many abilities gifted by God to his prodigal son.

It looks like Jesus has performed another miracle in Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico, inside the premises of chapel of Saltillo. A person who was observing Jesus’s statue saw something so unbelievable that he took out his phone to capture it. In the video, you can see the Jesus statue blinking its eyes, as though it had come to life! Ever since the video surfaced, there has been a huge debate about its authenticity. Some believe that it could be a light reflection that’s playing tricks on us. Others believe that it is computer generated, but looks amateur to look more authentic. However, even after close analysis of the footage, it doesn’t look like there is any alteration. Do you think this is a sign from God?

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