90-Year-Old Czech Grandma Turns Small Village Into Her Art Gallery By Hand-Painting Flowers On Its Houses

In Louka, Czech Republic there is something special about the buildings. It’s not the architecture or their height. It’s the hand painted flowers, vines and designs done by the local resident Aneka Agnes Kasparkova.

Aneka isn’t the only woman in town doing the painting, but she is the oldest at 90 years old. Her background was working as an agricultural worker. Today, she inspires others by her art for the second stage of her life. She learned how to do express her creativity by following other women in the town who patiently worked with her.

She takes advantage of the warm seasons and hops from entrances to windows and more, leaving Moravian beauty behind. The detailed work shows various bright shades of a blue and floral essence. She paints homes, buildings, a local churches and anything that could use a little love.

She does the work out of pure joy. “I am an artist. I just enjoy it and I want to help.” Said Aneka.

Louka has a wonderful gift that keeps on giving. Her work is so beautiful and seems to give a happy smile to anyone who sees it.

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