Boy From Four Foster Homes Shares His Christmas Wish

As the holiday season approached, Semaji walked to school in his two-sizes-too-big shoes. A crooked smile spread across his face as he mumbled to himself, “Step by step, little by little, I am going to be somebody someday.” He repeats this to himself because he has been in four different foster homes and eight different schools, though his teachers remind him that he already is somebody. He participates in just about every activity that is available at school and his smile lights up a room even though life has been difficult for Semaji.

He does have a few things on his Christmas list, but his list doesn’t look similar to other 9-year-olds’. He wants a clean set of sheets and he says a pretty cool toy would be nice. But when he was asked what he really wanted for Christmas, he replied, “I would love a pair of pants that actually fit. My biggest struggle is clothing because I am really tall for my age.” He looked down at his socks that were showing under his pant legs. “I would also love to have my very own tie. I want to practice my tie-tying on everyone.”

Children like Semaji are truly blessed by Toys for Joy not only because they receive a band-new toy to play with, but also because of generous donations they are able to obtain clothing, groceries, and other necessities like sheets and blankets. To donate to Toys for Joy and bless families in need this Christmas season, please visit

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