6-Yr-Old Sparks Kindness After Holding Hands With Crying Stranger

As we grow up in these times, cynicism is a quality that begins to sow its roots deeply. We are marred by the harsh realities of this world. This, in turn, makes us harsh and cold. In these trying times, we must do what we can to nurture virtues like kindness, friendship, and compassion. We, as God’s creations, must love one another irrespective of race, creed, class, or financial standing. If we don’t open ourselves to this word and people, we will miss the beauty that God has bestowed upon this world. This beautiful story of a six-year-old was recently shared by her mother on Facebook resonates with these beautiful qualities. This story shows us that children can sometimes take the lead where adults fail to see the reality. Kenyatta Lewis’s six-year-old daughter Janiyah had a special interaction with a homeless man right outside a local store at Virginia. Janiyah has managed to move millions through her gesture of selflessness.

Upon leaving the local store, Janiyah noticed a man sitting and crying outside. She walks over to him and offers her drink. She soon finds out that the man is homeless and broke. She then offers him money for food. “Please go eat. It would make me happy. I like McDonald’s you should go there” she said. Upon seeing this act of kindness by a child, a couple more people offered him money. Janiyah’s mother had a small conversation with him that informed her of his dire conditions. He lost all his belongings and his wife when his trailer caught fire. Janiyah chose to lead by example. Her act has inspired millions across the world to show love and kindness to those in difficult circumstances.

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