Mother captures heartwarming bonding session between her baby and kitten on video

As God is the creator of all living beings on this planet, he wants us to take care of all of them as though they are our blood brothers and sisters. God wants us to teach children to treat animals with love and respect. Since God has given animals and children countless blessings and gifts, it is quite easy for them to become best friends.

Bringing up your baby in your house is one of the best experiences of your life as there is nothing which can match the joys and happiness it brings. Watching your baby take its first few steps to learning how to say words, every moment with your little one makes you feel like you are in heaven.

When you have a pet in your house, you want to introduce it to your baby so that they become best friends when your little one grows up. After all, nothing is better than teaching your baby that animals are loving and caring living beings. As a parent, you want this introduction to go off smoothly so that it is a pleasurable experience for both your baby and the pet.

YouTube user, TheNerdyMommy, decided to capture the moment when her little one and a kitten bond after waking up from their naps. Prepare yourself before watching this video as it will overwhelm you with cuteness and love.

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