4 Celebrity Couples That Are Also Amazing Parents

With great prestige and celebrity status comes the great the responsibility of being an inspiration to the millions of people who love you and strive to follow in your footprints. As such, the way your favorite celebs bring up their children says a lot about their moral values in a life behind the screens. Here are 4 of the finest examples of celebrities who have managed to provide a compassionate yet disciplined environment to grow up in.

Denzel and Pauletta Washington: With a total of four lovely children to take care of, the couple made it a point to teach their little ones the basics of being humble and polite.

Barack and Michelle Obama: The former President of the US and the First Lady are indeed one of the most celebrated couples as well as parents of our generation who have made it a point to teach their two daughters the virtues of humility and discipline.

Jessica Alba: A proud single parent of two lovely daughters, Jessica Alba is one of those celebrity parents who are determined to discipline their kids and keep them in touch with the reality of life outside of the pomp and the glamour.

Julia Roberts: The gorgeous Hollywood actress takes great care to maintain healthy eating habits around the house, with her three kids Henry, Phinnaeus, Hazel being allowed junk food only on special occasions.

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