“4 Angels” See Man Lying On Basketball Court Not Moving — Realize He’s Not Breathing & Rush To Help.

Four Virginia youngsters never considered themselves angels, yet that is how many describe them.

Their love of basketball is credited with saving the life of a man after he went into sudden cardiac arrest. Four friends enjoying a game one evening in March say the man was lying there on the court. The man’s young son was there, obviously terrified.

20-year-old Kei’Shon Paige and his 15-year-old brother KeiJuan often meet two friends, 19-year-old Mark Jones, and 16-year-old Ricardo Smith, for a game of basketball. They like to play on the courts behind John Rolfe Middle School.

At first, they thought the man was resting, but when he still didn’t move after a moment, they decided to check on him. He was limp and cold, and they weren’t even sure he was breathing. Kei’Shon said the man’s stomach and chest felt tight to the touch.

Kei’Shon began chest compressions and then received aide by another man nearby. They continued their efforts until the ambulance came, and paramedics took over. Kei’Shon credits divine intervention for the outcome since he says no one ever showed him how to do what he did. “I guess you could say God led me in the right direction,” he said humbly.

While paramedics raced to get the man to the hospital, the friends drove his son home. The child was crying, overcome with worry for his dad. His mother now refers to the boys as her “four angels” and is very grateful they decided to go to the courts when they did.

I do believe there are angels among us!

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