13-Yr-Old Breaks Down When Mom Reveals She’s Getting A New Heart

As fairly healthy people, most of us never stop to think what a blessing it is to be able to go about our daily lives without having to worry about our health. God has blessed us with the ability to function well and more often than not, we do not stop to thank Him. For 13-year-old Macey, being healthy was something she appreciated every single day. Macey was born with a heart condition and she had to undergo a surgery almost immediately after she was born. She lived a normal, healthy life up until a few years ago and soon she was in the hospital having back-to-back surgeries. After two surgeries and nine days in the ICU, Macey was told that she needed a new heart. The doctors had performed everything in the books and a new heart was the only solution.

Macey had to face the reality that she might not be alive to accomplish any of her dreams of becoming a cardiologist, a gymnast, or a musician. For Macey, life seemed to have come to a standstill before it had even begun. It was when life seemed to be at the very worst when she got a call that changed her life. Macey had received a donor’s heart and was soon due for a heart transplant. The news was a happy shock to Macey and the 13-year-old broke down in tears. Macey’s heart transplant went well and the teenager is recovering very quickly. She’s thankful to be able to go back to living her life as a healthy teenager.

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