Walmart Cashier helped shaky elderly man count handfuls of change: ‘We will do this together.’

We often rush through our shopping and so that we have time for something nice, like a long bath, or a dinner date with our loved ones. During this rush, if the checkout line is held up by someone, it makes us crazy, doesn’t it? Now imagine the life of a cashier who must deal with several customers in a day.

The day was like any other day at the local Clarksdale, Mississippi, Walmart. It was the fall of 2017 and Spring Bowlin; a customer walked into the store. She waited in line like any other customer but noticed an elderly man struggling to make payment for the items he bought.

The elderly man miscounted the coins he had. He looked apologetically towards others in line behind him, for he had a hand full of coins to pay for his purchase. His anxiousness was made worse by several impatient customers waiting in line who just wanted to finish billing and leave. They didn’t have time for an old man and his problems.

Spring Bowlin hoped the other customers do not make a scene over the old man’s struggle. To her surprise, the cashier took control of the situation and helped the old man count the coins. “We will do this together,’ she said, an angel in disguise. The apologetic old man left after his transaction was handled.

Bowlin identified the cashier as Tracy Conner who had been working in Walmart for twelve years. Conner was a compassionate woman who said she was simply doing her job. She said the old man had forgotten his wallet and she was just helping him, for the other customers seemed upset over the situation. Connor’s gracious action made the old man’s life a bit easier. Tracy Conner was an angel sent by God to help others and set an example.

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