Worship with us today and listen to this performance of ‘Praise You In This Storm’ by Casting Crowns

We’re all going through some kind of storm in our lives. These times of darkness can really hurt us and we can even at times be far from the Lord. It’s important to remember that God is always at our side during these dark times, though. He stands beside us no matter what and gives us strength when we feel we have none left. When we are lost, he is our compass and the light that will always guide us home.

You will certainly be reminded of this as you listen to Casting Crowns ‘ powerful lyrics of’ Praise You In This Storm.’ This classic song of worship touched millions of hearts around the world and gave people hope in dark times.

Even when we may feel at our all-time low, always know that the Lord with us and will carry all of our burdens. He takes all of our broken pieces and makes them whole again. We may feel as if we are in the middle of the biggest storm of our lives, but we will remember to always give praise to Jesus. Who else is saying amen right now?

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