Woman Writes Open Letter That’ll Put Every Fed-Up Wife In Her Place

Marriage is a blessing in people’s lives. It is the holy union of two souls who love each other and want to share their lives together. A lot of marriages these days do not survive the ravages of time. People get so engrossed in themselves that they forget the reason they got married in the first place. Being married to someone means that you must share yourself, your life, and your time with them. You must realize that a marriage is as much about the other person as it is about you. People seem to forget that in today’s world. The daily chores, the routine fights, and the struggles of life can sometimes take the focus away from what makes a marriage work. Brie Gowen was having one of those typical mornings where she was upset with herself and her husband. But, instead of fuming over this, she chose to write down her emotions in the form of a beautiful open letter.

She talks about her bitterness, the way she curses at the dirty laundry or at her husband’s dog when he is not around. She writes about the times when she expects more from him and thinks that it is her who is keeping the family together. It isn’t just a simple rant, she takes this opportunity to remind herself that this marriage is not just about her. She reminds herself of the struggles that her husband faces for his family. She apologizes for losing her cool, and even finds herself to be grateful for his presence. Even on the days, she is mad at him. Brie chose to turn the bitter moments of her life into a moment of beauty. She shared this beautiful piece online for everyone to read. We can all take a note from this and appreciate the people we have in our lives and the support that they give us.

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