Woman Spots Envelope On Walmart Floor, Finds $100 And A Strange Request Inside

Life is full of surprises. God has planned our life in the best of ways and many times we come across people we never expect to meet and situations we never imagined we would encounter. Julia Stultz was met by one such surprise as she was shopping at Walmart in Charlotte, North Carolina. As she was walking along the aisle, she happened to notice a small white envelope on the floor. Julia cautiously edged closer to the envelope and saw three words written on it. “With love, Amen”.

Julia could not resist picking up the envelope. She turned the envelope and found a message scrawled across the back. This was the single message. “If this card has found you, open it. It’s yours. God is continuously blessing you.” Julia opened up the envelope and to her surprise and shock, found a $100 bill inside. The card was signed “Your friend” and included another message. The generous stranger wrote that he or she hoped that this little gift would buy the person who had opened the envelope a little happiness. The stranger requested that this deed is carried forward some day and blessed the person who had opened the card.

Julia decided to share this story with a local news station. She thanked the generous stranger and said that she plans to carry it forward. We may not know who the stranger really was, but we do know how one kind gesture of a stranger gave a little happiness to someone he or she had never come across in life.

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