Woman Is Haunted By Wedding Photo She Found At Ground Zero, Finally Gets Answers 13 Years Later

We often find that tragedies bring out the most humane side of people. Whenever something bad happens, there is an outpouring of help and support from a number of other people. And, in the face of tragedy, we see God’s love and compassion. In the form of earth angels, God reaches out and touches our lives reminding us of His constant presence. 9/11 shook the world to its very foundation and left an incredible amount of devastation in its wake. While many of us questioned why this happened, we were also flooded with stories of heroism, compassion, and miracles. One of these stories involves Elizabeth Strenger Keefe and it is a beautiful story that restores our faith in humanity.

Elizabeth found herself in New York the day after the attacks on the WTC towers. While she was visiting Ground Zero she happened to stumble upon something that caught her eye. Elizabeth found a wedding photograph still in its broken frame. There were six people in the photograph; the bride and groom and four of their friends and they all looked happy and smiling. The picture gave Elizabeth a sense of hope so she retrieved it and decided to try and reunite it with its owner. For the next thirteen years, every 9/11 Elizabeth faithfully posted the picture on Twitter with the caption; Every yr on #911 I post this photo hoping 2 return 2 owner. Found @ #groundzero #WTC in 2001 -Pls RT. Then finally one day the owner Fred Mahe saw the picture and replied to her tweet. Fox and Friends organized a meeting between Elizabeth and Fred and the picture was returned to its owner. Fred said that Elizabeth restored his faith in humanity that day.

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