Woman Gets to Keep Dog After Being Arrested For Taping His Mouth Shut and Posting Pic On Social Media

If you’re a responsible dog owner, you’re doing all you can to make sure your dog is healthy and happy.

There are some people who really don’t seem to care for their pets, though.

Take this woman, for example, who taped the mouth of her dog shut and posted a picture of it with the caption on Facebook, “this is what happens when you don’t shut up!!”The 45,000 shocked animal enthusiasts reported her post, who saw nothing funny about the Florida woman’s post, nor did a judge.

A lady who used the name of the Facebook profile “Katie Brown” triggered a wave of protests, some from as far as Australia, when she published the image of her chocolate Labrador blend, Brown, with duct tape around her mouth.

Following a stream of thousands of people’s angry remarks, Katharine meant it as just a joke and the tape was only on for 60 seconds.

According to NBC Connecticut, her Facebook account listed her as being in Florida’s South Daytona and as floods of emails and calls went to Daytona Police, more assistance had to be brought in to track them all.

According to Inside Edition, many of the remarks were aggressive such as “I want to duct tape this lady’s mouth.”

Police chief of South Daytona informed WESH News that even death threats had been made by some commentators.

The woman was eventually traced to a North Carolina address where she was detained by police on allegations of animal cruelty.

Her lawyers attempted to argue at her hearing that the post was intended only as a joke for her son and there was no proof that the dog feels any pain.

According to the News Journal, the then-assistant district attorney Alex Pulley replied, “Of course the dog cannot be here and tell you it felt pain.”

The judge convicted her to 12 months of supervised probation, reported the News Journal. However, the Epoch Times stated that she could maintain the dogs as police officers discovered them microchipped, tidy, and well-fed.

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